Turning Everything into Art, No Wastage Allowed

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Turning Everything into Art, No Wastage Allowed.

The Story
Of Kathia Alves

Kathia Alves: A Visionary Designer with a Global Perspective Kathia Alves, is a creative force hailing from Brazil. Her passion for fashion knows no bounds, and she’s more excited than ever about her upcoming collections.

“I’m really eager to work,

I believe more than ever”

– Kathia Alves

Step into a visual journey through the world of Kathia Alves. In this gallery, we present a stunning collection of photos that showcase our sustainable fashion creations, the artistic process, and the spirit that drives us. Each image tells a story, revealing the beauty and uniqueness of our designs. Explore the gallery and let the visuals speak to your senses.

Our services

Explore Our Expertise: Embroidery, Upholstery, and Clothing


Fashion with a Sustainable Twist Discover sustainable fashion redefined. Our clothing line combines style and eco-consciousness, offering a range of meticulously crafted attire that reflects your commitment to both art and the environment.


Elevate Your Style with Intricate Detailing Our embroidery service adds a touch of elegance to your garments and accessories. Explore the world of personalized and intricately stitched designs that make your pieces truly one-of-a-kind.


Revive, Renew, and Redefine Your Space Experience the transformation of your furniture and interiors with our upholstery expertise. We breathe new life into your beloved pieces, blending comfort with artistic flair for a refreshing ambiance.

Where Art Meets Sustainability: Your Unique Fashion Experience Awaits.

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