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At Sustainable Fashion, we are not just a fashion brand; we are a movement driven by creativity and a deep commitment to the planet. Our journey begins with the belief that fashion can be a force for positive change. Here’s what makes us who we are: Our Vision: We envision a world where fashion and art coexist harmoniously with environmental responsibility. Our goal is to redefine the industry, one sustainable creation at a time.

“Fashion is my canvas, and sustainability is my color palette..”

– Kathia Alves

Tales of Artistry and Sustainability: The Kathia Alves Journey

Kathia Alves, a renowned fashion designer, gained fame for her unique handcrafted work and floral paintings on fabulous dresses while residing in Ibiza, Spain. During her eight years on the glamorous island, she participated in fashion events like Adlib Moda Internacional, Madrid International Fashion Week, and Prêt-À-Porter in Paris. In 2015, she made her debut at Minas Trend Verão in Belo Horizonte.

Her original and manual work quickly made her a recognizable name in Europe. Despite initially working for a fashion company in Ibiza, the birth of her twins led her to dedicate her time to both motherhood and the hand-painted creations that established her as a designer. She sold 16,000 pieces, earning 40,000 euros, which encouraged her to launch her brand, Kássia Keren (named after her daughters), offering artisanal clothing for five years.

Though her business thrived, she felt out of place in the world of excess and extravagance. Kathia decided to return to her roots in Governador Valadares, where her daughters could be close to family and their cultural heritage.

Ibiza Style

Town and Travel

“Kathia Alves: News and Fashion Highlights”

MODA ADLIB – Ibicasa

On this occasion the discotheque Pacha was responsible for hosting the event in an appropriate setting for the contemplation of svelte models that showed off the creations of Tony Bonet, Arizona, Kathia Alves o Mónica Benet among others, where about 1.000 people and more than 100 members of the press attended for what some described as the least Adlib show of recent years.

Adlib Fashion: The Timeless Ibiza Trend

International designers admire this Ibiza fashion or Adlib (a term that comes from the Latin “ad limitum,” meaning ‘towards freedom’ in Spanish), and lightweight fabrics, with white as the star color, light up runways all over the world. From Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Vogue, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Givenchy to local designers specializing in this style such as Eva Cardona, Charo Ruiz, or Kathia Alves. It is a trend that has endured to this day, just as it was originally created, with principles like simplicity and delicacy.

Adlib fashion is sold online

Bomb Diamond presenta sus minivestidos y tops estampados, con cadenas, volantes y coquetos dibujos. En el apartado de Beatrice San Francisco abundan las camisetas y faldas de punto en colores intensos (verde, rojo, azul marino y mucho turquesa), mientras que en la tienda virtual de Kathia Alves se encuentran vestidos morados y verdes, chales de macramé y tops de tirantes y con escote palabra de honor.

Adlib Fashion revs up

Thus, on one hand, the Origins group will parade, consisting of a group of devoted followers, and Revolutions, a new group determined by a selection committee. The first will be composed of Charo Ruiz, Kathia Alves, Marta Raffo, Eva Cardona, and Tony Bonet for Bianca. The second group will include Nacho Ruiz, De Los Ángeles, Piluca Bayarri, Tres Ibiza, Marmade, Cristine Astruc for Arizona, Beatrice San Francisco, and Perlotti, who will present the boldest garments for the upcoming season, symbolizing the reinvention of the Origins group of designers.

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